American Museum of Straw Art
Straw Mask Festival 2004

Combined Straw Competition

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Marya Kravchuk
Untitled - 2004
Tulychiv Village
Turiysk, Ukraine

Andrey Chernikov
"Spirit of the Field" - 2004
Lepel, Belarus

Joan Dulcey
St. George's Foe - 2004
Waldorf, Maryland USA

Pietje Kuiper
Wife of Minos - 2004
The Netherlands

Peter Shelley
Green Man Mask - 2004
Staffordshire, UK

Elsa Nazarenko
Cat Mask - 1975
Minsk, Belarus

Elsa Nazarenko
Clown Mask - 1978
Minsk, Belarus

Mary Reed
"American Chiwigi" - 2004
Bloomington, Minn. USA
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