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Elda Heidemann

Elda began her art career by doing bright oil paintings of flower arrangements. When she moved to Kansas she discovered a different medium, wheat weaving. She did a lot of traditional projects before she discovered straw marquetry. As she got more proficient in this part of the straw arts she discovered how to dye the wheat before doing the marquetry. That discovery completed the circle and she is again doing pictures of flower arrangements in brilliant colors. Straw Appliqué work of this kind is rare to see created by modern straw artists. It is delicate and painstaking work. Each straw is dyed to the appropriate color for the flower that the artist is creating. Then, the straw must be split and individually ironed to a flat consistency. Only when this is accomplished is the material ready for the artist’s hand. Then, hours are spent to mold and create the look of a flower that also bears the mark of the golden shine of the straw.

Heavenly Pink Rose $145
This piece is 8" x 10". It comes in an elegant oval gold hardwood frame with a convex glass to accomodate it's depth. It is pictured here unframed because glare from the strong photo lights was distractive. The American Museum of Straw Art is proud to offer a limited number of these beautiful designs.

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