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Beth Keller

Beth's introduction to Straw Art came when she was working at a local craft store. One day the owner handed her a bag of wheat and an instruction book and said, "Take this home because tomorrow night you are teaching the class!" That was 18 years ago and she has loved working with straw and wheat ever since. She teaches at the National Association of Wheat Weavers annual convention, and she lectures, exhibits, and demonstrates her craft at every opportunity. She has served on the Board of Directors for the NAWW.

The Corizon $20
This is one of the most traditional pieces of Mexican straw folk arts. Beth Keller has created this traditional example for the museum with her own personal adaptation. The Corizon is considered a House Blessing and is an example of the customs of straw art that are connected with the cycles of the harvest. It was believed that the spirit of the wheat resided in this ornament until set free during the next planting season. Thus, one could expect good fortune while it hung in the home.

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