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1995_114cl_4.jpg - 26011 BytesEarly American and European custom dictated that children should not play with toys on the Sabbath, which was God's day.

However, toy arks were considered a good exception because they taught a Biblical story.

1995_114cl_5.jpg - 18090 BytesArks were made of many materials. Few survive that were made of straw applique. This ark is considered one of four remaining from the 18th century.

Designs are typical of the time and it is thought that straw applique animals were originally a part of this set.

1995_114cl_3.jpg - 25990 BytesThis Ark falls into a category called "French Prisoner of War" work. Items made of straw in that era were abundant, often being made by those encamped in prison in England.

1995_114cl_1.jpg - 25716 Bytes This ark was made in Tunbridge Wells, England. There was a prison encampment there, but also a thriving business of straw works within the town.

1995_114cl_2.jpg - 34491 BytesFrench prisoners could be conscripts from many parts of the already conquered Europe. Thus, when a term such as "French Prisoner of War" is used, it may be in fact neither French or prison made, but could be of local work.

This ark was acquire through funds donated by the following:
National Association of Wheat Weavers
Susan Redpath
California Wheat Weavers Guild
Jeanette Burghart, Mona Donat, Christine Gilbreath,
Rita Kyser, Linda Meeker, Morgyn Owens-Celli, and Kerry Tomlinson

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