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Thank you for joining us at the American Museum of Straw Art. We hope you have enjoyed your tours. It gives us great pleasure to bring people their first glimpse of the varied and expansive nature of these creations.

It is amazing how artists and craftsmen throughout the ages have taken the simplest of natural materials and created everything from thatched roofs to dainty laces. These people have given birth to a multitude of decorative and folk arts, which, as with all art, the items reflect the various cultures of those who created them.

You are invited to return soon. We will be bringing you items from the collections of other museums as well as special exhibits from the American Museum of Straw Art. If you would like email notification when new exhibits are online, please enter your email address at the end of this page.

It is our hope to expand the Museum's collection and to continue providing both the Virtual Museum and touring exhibitions. We also hold our dream of finding a new permanent location for the exhibition to replace the one destroyed by fire (see History).

You can help make all of this happen! Here are some specific ways you can help:

  1. Become a Member: Membership to the museum is one of the best ways to help. A small annual membership fee of $15.00 will help preserve this rare and beautiful art form. It will help us purchase and protect additional exhibit items. With membership you will receive advanced notice of new tours on line and traveling exhibitions. You will also receive a 10% discount on most items in "Thatch House", the Museum's gift shop.

  2. Contribute Straw Artwork: We continue our search for samples of new and antique straw creations from all parts of the world. Do you own a wonderful article of straw art that you would like to see preserved in the museum? If you would like to donate an article please contact the museum. We will be certain to mention your name with the article on exhibit. We will soon be adding a new section to the site entitled "Benefits and Benefactors" that will showcase new acquisitions that have either been donated to the museum or that have been purchased with funds from donors.

  3. Specific Use Donations: You may wish to make a donation to be used for a specific purpose. The following funds may be contributed to, or contact the museum for setting up a new fund or contributing to other specific projects:

    • The Robert Lane Memorial Fund.
      Contributions are used to purchase modern artwork.

    • The Heather Parish Memorial Fund.
      Contributions are used to purchase straw art that showcases traditional cultural examples.

    • The Museum Facilities Fund.
      These contributions support and maintain the physical aspects of the collection including conservation of the artwork, purchase of display cases, travel expenses, and computer equipment.

    • The Museum Building Fund.
      These funds will help us to reopen the physical museum.
Please tell your friends and family about the American Museum of Straw Art web site. You can help us share these wonderful creations with people around the world. As more people see the beauty, versatility, and uniqueness of this humble material, we will be able to preserve the straw arts for generations of the future.

In this day of hi-tech speed its nice to view the simple beauty of handwork and see what people created from the most basic of life's abundance. Thank you for your visit!

To join our mailing list and receive notification of new tours and special exhibits, please enter your email address and press the "Add Me" button.
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All information, photographs and other artwork contained in this site are Copyrighted by
The American Museum of Straw Art. Reproduction of any material is prohibited without
prior written permission.
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